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5 Best DAW for Producing, Mixing, and Mastering

Updated: Mar 14, 2020


In the world of recording, having a great DAW, makes a huge difference. However, because of the general need for a DAW in recording, there are many options that we can choose from. In this article, we’re going to have a look at our list which includes the best five DAWs for producing, mixing & mastering. All five have similar aspects of user-friendly and versatility. It is important to consider that two of the workstations on this list have been included here since they became completely free which allow those people who cannot afford one of the most expensive and professional DAW’s options; moreover, they will not cost them anything.

Please have a look at the best five DAWs below.

1. Avid Pro Tools

If you have been involved in music, then you probably have heard of Pro Tools. The reason that Pro Tools has become a standard tool in the music industry is because It has a stable and fantastic audio editing & processing solution which Allows recording engineers & musicians to reach their full potential. However, since Pro Tools has been a standard tool in the music industry, it is not only for the beginners but also It is very useful for those who have a lot of experience in the recording profession. Nonetheless, it is a great software.

2. PreSonus Studio One

For recording purpose, Studio One is great for mixing, producing, and mastering job. Many people believe that DAW has some of the best effect plug-ins which were built into the software and has competition with more established DAW such as Pro Tools.

3. Ableton Live

Although Ableton Live is deemed as the best DAW for live performance, it works just as well for mixing, producing, and mastering which proves that it can compete with any other DAW. For electronic music, there are not many applications which can compete with Ableton Live. Primarily because of the instrument, effects, and plug-in library which have been built into the system.

4. Bandlab (Free)

Bandlab is free and extremely easy to use DAW. For mixing & mastering, it offers a lot of the same components that some of the most expensive DAWs offer as well. Bandlab is great because of the community behind it. The solution is good on community interaction and collaboration. Since it works online in the cloud, people can easily produce and help each other with their tracks. It is perfect for producing purposes and it is also great for the beginners.

5. Garage band (Free)

Finally, Garage band is a completely free DAW that comes on all Apple's products. It is great for the beginners and a good option for producing, mixing, & mastering.

Thanks for reading this article. Here at, we hope that our list of the best five DAWs for producing, mixing, and mastering has helped you to find the right one for your work.

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